Last Will and Testament in Arizona

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According to the contents of Clause 14-1201 of the Arizona state laws, Arizona will form are any testamentary instruments or codicils used to nominate an executor, nominate a guardian or expressly indicate who takes over possession of an asset following the death of the assets’ owner.

Here, you will learn what an Arizona will form is, what is included in a simple will Arizona and how to sign and file the last will and testament form in Arizona.

What Does Arizona Last Will and Testament Mean?

An Arizona will form is a legal document used by an adult Arizona resident to nominate an individual or set of individuals who should inherit their assets after they pass away. Arizona wills forms may also be used to nominate a guardian for the testator’s minor children. They may also be used to create pets’ trust which becomes invalid once the pet dies.

Arizona will forms can only be used to distribute properties titled in the name of the will’s author. Also, the will’s author(testator) must be certified by the witnesses to be of sound mind before the contents of the will are considered valid.

An Arizona last will and testament can be revoked by executing a subsequent will or performing a revocatory act on the will. The latter includes obliterating, burning, tearing or physically destroying the will.

What Is Included in Arizona’s Last Will and Testament?

The last will and testament Arizona are of three types - general will, standard will and non-standard will. These wills are designed for different purposes and so contain peculiar information suited to the type of will. Regardless of the type, there is certain information all last will and testament must contain. Here are they:

  • Testator’s name
  • Other personal information of the testator including their gender, city and county of residence
  • Marital status of the testator
  • An outline of all the list and properties to be shared
  • List of beneficiaries and their relationship with the testator
  • Guidelines on how the assets should be shared amongst the beneficiaries
  • Name of the executor and alternate executor
  • Personal information and other revelation information of the executor and alternate executor
  • Name of guardian (for minor children)
  • Omission, bond, governing law, binding arrangement and discretionary powers of a personal representative section
  • Name, contact address and witness signature.

How to Sign and File Arizona Will Forms?

The signing requirements of the last will and testament form can be found in § 14-2502 of the Arizona revised statutes. After downloading an Arizona will template, the testator is then required to fill in their name, city, county of residence and all other personal information.

He/She is also required to enter all other relevant details as earlier highlighted. Once that is done, he/she is expected to sign the document and have the witnesses sign it too.

  • The testator can sign him/herself or have another individual sign it in the conscious presence of the testator or by his/her direction
  • The witnesses must be at least two in number. Three in the case of a Vermont
  • A notary public may also be required to sign should the will contain a self-proving affidavit

Once signed, the document can then be filed with a local court.


An Arizona will form is a very important legal instrument every adult should take advantage of. This can be prepared with the help of an attorney or by simply following the guidelines provided above. If you choose to go by the latter, you can begin your will creation process by downloading a will template. On this page, you’ll find a rich gallery of last will and testament Arizona pdf, docs, fillable forms and templates for your immediate use. They are easy to use and free to download.

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