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In Wisconsin, an adult without a Wisconsin will form risks their assets being distributed according to the state laws after they pass away. These laws may or may not agree with the asset’s owner’s (testator) wishes. In fact, if there are no relatives or spouse to bequeath these properties to, the state takes them.

Therefore, it is necessary that every adult with bequeathable assets spells out in black and white to whom and how their assets should be distributed.

Read on to know a lot more about Wisconsin will form and last will and testament.

What Is a Wisconsin Will Form?

A Wisconsin will form is a form or legal document used by an individual usually called a testator to bequeath some or all of their assets to another party (individuals or organizations) upon their death. The party which acquires ownership of the property upon the death of the testator is known as the beneficiary.

However, for the last will and testament Wisconsin to be valid, the testator must have attained the legal age of 18.

Most often than not, testators list their spouses and children as their beneficiaries. They may also like to distribute some of their assets to charity. The distributable assets include cash-on-hand, real estate, life insurance policies, cars, among others.

The testator is also expected to nominate an executor using this Wisconsin basic will form. The executor sees to it that all that is written in the last will is carried out according to the wishes of the testator.

What Is Included in a Wisconsin Will Form?

There are certain elements and instructions that must be present in a Wisconsin will form for it to fully serve its purpose. Some of them include:

  • Testator personal information: This includes the name, gender, city and county of residence
  • Marital status: Here, the testator declares whether they are married or single. If married, the spouse should be named
  • Detailed list of all the properties to be shared
  • An outline of all the beneficiaries
  • Name of executor and alternative executor(s)
  • Name of trustee
  • Guardian for minor children
  • Contact information of witnesses to the signing

The first step to making wills in Wisconsin is getting a state of Wisconsin free will form. This can be gotten from a local court or a reputable website like CocoDoc.

The will template Wisconsin downloadable from this site is usually recommended because it saves you the hassle of drafting one from scratch.

How to Make a Wisconsin Last Will Form?

Here’s the steps to write a Wisconsin last will and testament form:

  • Download a Wisconsin will template and begin filling the blank spaces
  • Write down the testator’s full legal name, residential and personal information.
  • Enter the full name of the executor or executrix (as the case may be) along with their residential details. It is recommended that the executor is in the same city as that of the testator. Otherwise, they will need to do some extra paperwork.
  • Also name an alternate executor
  • Name a guardian if you have minor children who are beneficiaries of your assets or need to be taken care of after your demise
  • List out the full names of all beneficiaries, places of residence and their relationship with you
  • Discuss how you want your assets to be distributed among these beneficiaries
  • Sign and have your witnesses sign the documents as well.


The laws governing filling and filing a Wisconsin will form are contained in Wisconsin Statutes § 853.03. You can find free and downloadable Wisconsin will form templates on this page. These templates are editable and easy to fill. They then become executable once filled and executed according to the provisions of the state’s laws.

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