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A will is a testamentary document that appoints a representative to take over one’s properties after their demise. It also counters or rewrites another will by nominating a guardian or completely reserving the right to succeed to the decedent's property. Michigan Will does not suggest any less. We will explore the basic things we need to know about Michigan Will in this article.

What Is a Michigan Last Will and Testament?

Michigan will, also known as Michigan statutory will or last will and testament Michigan is an important estate planning document that secures the testator's tangible and personal property, all assets, and monetary accounts after their demise. Testators can specify their chosen beneficiaries and also capture the portion of the estate or whatever, that they are entitled to. Michigan will template captures a portion for two witnesses who will be around when the testator makes the will and signs it into use.

How to Make a Michigan Last Will and Testament?

Death is an inevitable reality in life so one who owns a lot of property must make a will while alive. It would save his family untold conflicts when he is no more.

According to the law, one who is 18 and mentally sufficient can make a will. We will take a brief look at how to make a will in Michigan. Making a will in Michigan is hassle-free. Once the testator is done with writing the will, it must be endorsed by and in the presence of two witnesses for it to be binding.

Steps in writing a Michigan will:

Writing a will precedes making a will, it is after a will has been written that it can be endorsed which is what making a will is about. You must know how to write your will. It is not too soon to make sure that your loved ones are well taken care of when you are gone. Most persons who die without a will leave the decision of how their property would be shared with the court. Let's look at how to make a will in Michigan. Below are the steps involved in writing a will.

  • Adopt your format: The format your will appears in determines whether you would need the endorsement of any witness or not. The handwritten will does not require the presence of a witness. A typed will necessitates the endorsement of two witnesses as stipulated in Michigan. You can check for free legal forms Michigan or free Michigan will template to get your typed will.
  • Capture basic details: A will must contain the name of the testator, address and the date it was signed into effect. It must be stated that the document is a will. It could read, "this is the last will of (your name)."
  • Assign a specific representative: This person serves as the executor of the will. It is their responsibility to allocate properties or possessions as specified in the will signed into effect. An executor must be up to 18 and mentally competent.
  • Specify your possessions and assign beneficiaries: This is where you specify how and to whom any portion of your property must be given to. A detailed description of each property is necessary to avoid confusion. In a case where the resistor has two cars, he must specify which is whose.
  • Consider a residuary clause: This kind of clause is necessary for properties not specifically described or captured in the will. It can read, "I leave the rest of my property to (name)."
  • Sign and execute: For a typed will, you must sign it at the bottom of the document in the presence of two witnesses. Those witnesses must also sign the same in your presence. For a handwritten will, you must also sign but not need a witness.

Michigan Wills Law

A will is binding in Michigan when it meets certain specifications following the Michigan wills law. Below are the specifications of this law.

  • Age of resistor: The testator must be either 18 or above and sound in mind.
  • Number of witnesses: A will must have at least two competent witnesses. They are not just there to sign but to witness the testators’ signing of the will.
  • Holographic Wills: This is held as valid once the testator signs at the bottom of the document. Also, it must be written in the testator's handwriting. Oral wills are not acceptable.


A Michigan will is a very important document to be kept. Its importance outlives the one who writes and makes it. It is his way of making sure things go according to his plan even after his demise. With a Michigan will, you can be part of a decision that will be made when you are gone. This way, you are still in charge even in your absence. Having a will has become much easier. You can find a downloadable Michigan will online and pattern will format after it.

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